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"You only get one chance, so do it right the first time.
That means learn early and correctly, so you can live your happiest, most effective life!"

Since effective life learning and learning in general is the gateway to being more effective in life or in any skill, I originally put together a site about different ways of learning. 

Systematic.  It is always key to learn in a systematic way, with a program and a sequence to follow.  Random or piecemeal just don't work.  (Not from occasional magazine articles, blogs, etc., or just tips or insights, but in a complete manner.)

Expert, excellent content. And it must be excellent material, from experts and put together in an expert way.

Concentration, focus on learning one at a time...

Until completed to the level of "sufficient competency"...

Fully "installed" - So the knowledge can be use automatically, easily, and effectively.

Do the learning the right way - and you'll be amazed how much you can "build" in terms of skills and in living life easily and stress-free.  

Through effective learning we can do "the build" of a life that is enduringly, deeply, lastingly happy.  We can, indeed, build The Core Of One's Life - "Just Maintain This And Your Circumstances Will Not Matter".


Basically this whole series of sites is all about learning life under what I originally called The Life University. 

The site, on learning, is:



But the content to learn is centralized in The Life Management Alliance site:


This is the path to a life of effectiveness and enduring happiness!
Effective, Real Learning - Be sure to understand this and not make the mistakes and inefficiencies most people do!

Mastery Learning - Not Allowing Cumulative Misunderstandings, Misknowing & Missings - If we miss an essential block of understanding, everything after that can be "off".
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