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CONTENTS/LINKS PAGES for each subject area.

   Provide easier navigation, where you can glance     
   through to find what is of interest and/or choose to read
   a sequence that will lead you deeper and deeper into
   mastery learning.  (To see what "contents/links" pages
   look like:  Contents Philosophy.

   Of course, you can use the search engines on the main
   sites to find anything.

PROGRAMS, CHECKLISTS, PROCEDURES for each key area.  Provides something concrete, followable and in-depth - and very doable.

Follow a Learning/Implementation Program to learn anything from being more powerful in life to how to be happier, or healthier, or...

See Checklists For Running Life, to see what should be done or to give yourself a checkup on how you are doing.  This is like what you'd do after studying a subject in depth and then created a checklist to make sure you don't forget anything...

​Procedures - Something to follow that leads you to a result you want.  You automatically have a lot of these, but most are by accident and not nearly as effective as a procedure you design on purpose! This are "life & happiness" procedures, but we also link to checklist sites that show you how to do anything from cooking to whatever...


Learning, Inspiration, in spare moments.

   What to watch (free videos)
   What to read

Situational - What To Do When...(such things as these happen to you...)

   Mood, emotion, energy low, etc. -
       What to do to remedy it.  
       The Emotional Emergency Toolkit -                  For When You're "Off"